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The Ladybug and Me Michael Soler

The Ladybug and Me

Michael Soler

Published November 1st 2007
ISBN : 9780979546907
24 pages
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 About the Book 

The LadyBug and Me by Michael Soler and illustrated by Serge Eisenberg is about a child who meets a special new friend, a LadyBug. This ladybug teaches her that anything is possible when you use your imagination and believe. Before flying away she tells the little girl something every child should know. Your life is a gift and has a great story to tell.The LadyBug and Me is designed for early readers and includes a simple question that can be used to get kids thinking and sharing ideas or even be used as a classroom writing exercise starter for older children. The question is, What do you believe?I always love a book that encourages children to use their imagination and reminds them that anything is possible if they believe in themselves. I also love the way the illustrator, Serge Eisenberg combines real photos with his art work. It really helps children make the connection between the worlds of reality and imagination