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M & Ms Brand Chocolate Candies Counting Book Barbara Barbieri McGrath

M & Ms Brand Chocolate Candies Counting Book

Barbara Barbieri McGrath

ISBN : 9780606070287
32 pages
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 About the Book 

Personal Reaction:One reason I enjoyed this book was because they used m&ms to do math and I love m&ms! I really like doing math and learning with materials that I personally enjoy because it makes me want to learn and like learning a lot more. This reminded me of when I was younger and my teacher would bring in candy or treats for us and incorporate them in learning because it definitely engages students more. I liked how the book was very self explanatory and easy to comprehend, which is important for students using this to learn about simple addition math. That is the best way for students to be introduced into math, so they like learning and they understand and want to keep learning. This book did that very well.Purposes/Use in the ClassroomRead aloud to make a curricular connection-This book would definitely be used to teach students about math and introducing them to addition and counting.-It incorporates colors, numbers, shapes, colors, and sets very well and further explains them in the back as a review.Independent reading-If students are having a difficult time grasping the concepts of addition and sets, they can use this book to help them understand further.-This is for 1st grade levelsFor nonfiction-The nonfiction conventions that were used in this book were mostly in the back of the book. It has a good review to go over and confirm colors, numbers, sets, and shapes.-This book also has pictures of m&ms with addition problems set up near by and text explaining how to do them.Other as Appropriate: Comments on language-This book has very simple language and vocabulary that young students are able to comprehend. That is important for this book because the main point of this book is to learn how to count and eventually add numbers, so the author did not use difficult vocabulary to explain the concept. It did not take away from the real point of the book.