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Development, Anatomy, and Physiology A.D. Johnson

Development, Anatomy, and Physiology

A.D. Johnson

Published January 1st 2012
ISBN : 9781299460942
701 pages
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 About the Book 

The Testis, Volume I: Development, Anatomy, and Physiology focuses on the study of the testis. Particular concerns include embryology, morphology, physiology, cytology, and anatomy of this complex organ.Composed of contributions of authors that are divided into nine chapters, the book outlines the development of mammalian testis. Areas discussed include differentiation of the testis- genital glands and ducts- and postnatal development. The text highlights the relationship of this organ, along with the scrotum and epididymis, to the nervous system. The book discusses as well the supply of blood- secretion of fluid- and regulation of temperature of the testis. Concerns include testicular lymph and lymphatics- testicular fluid- and rete testis. The discussions proceed with an examination of the intertubular tissue of the testis. The selection ends with the discussions on the structure and functions of the testis. Noted are the presence of different cells and tissues that compose this organ and how these influence its functions.The selection is a good source of information for readers interested in studying the complex structure and functions of the testis.