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FoxClan (book one) Penny Lake

FoxClan (book one)

Penny Lake

Published February 9th 2015
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

She’s a hunter, but she when crosses paths with a rogue male by the lake, Anya becomes the hunted. Between her capture and escape, she discovers that she is drawn to Gabe, a tough fighter who was a reservist before the electricity ended and civilization collapsed.When they cross paths a second time, he proposes an uneasy alliance: Anya will guide Gabe through the hill country so that he can escape the pursuit of a ruthless biker pack. In return she wins his protection until she can catch up with her clan.As she leads him into the hills, Anya finds herself more attracted to this mystery man with each mile. What has he done to provoke such relentless pursuit? Yet he’s so hot and seems like such a good man. For the first time since her college boyfriend abandoned her during the anarchy, Anya finds she craves the touch of a man.It isn’t hard to tell that Gabe wants her too. But before they can overcome mutual suspicion, they must find refuge, both from marauders and from dangerous weather.Note: for the 18+ reader.